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Your omnichannel solution for media buying.

At Advance powered by LoblawTM, we are on a mission to reinvent media buying in Canada.

Our MediaAisleTM media buying platform drives real, measurable sales impacts for your brand, for sponsored products on our e-commerce sites and for programmatic display and online video across the digital ecosystem.

Optimize your ad buying based on almost real-time retail sales results with our built-in closed-loop measurement.

Strengthen your media with real purchase and shopping insights.

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MediaAisleTM Demand Side Platform empowers brands to drive real, measurable sales impact from video and display ads. See which creative versions drive the most sales, not just the most clicks.

  • Targeting based on actual purchases

  • Exclusive audiences and seamless campaign management

  • Powerful insights derived from omnichannel ROAS measurement

Give your products the centre stage on our e-commerce platforms

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MediaAisleTM Sponsored Products allows you to buy promoted product placements on a cost-per-click model. With machine learning capabilities and robust purchase pattern insights, our platform has the intelligence to surface the products most relevant to customer searches.

  • Improve the discoverability of your products by prominently placing them in relevant search results pages

  • Improve brand visibility at the moment of purchase through Sponsored Product ads

  • Our dedicated Customer Success team will guide you through campaign planning, launch, and measurement

Ready to unlock the power of precision media buying with MediaAisleTM?